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Ezekiel Golan Intellectual Property Holdings and Research was incorporated under the Business Corporations Act on July 23, 2018 at 02:27 PM Pacific Time by Carol Prest, the acting Registrar of Companies for the Province of British Columbia. Its company number is BC1172949.

Ezekiel Golan is a multidisciplinary inventor in the fields of horticulture, mycology, genetics, pharmacology, and behavioural neuroscience. He is the registered inventor of dozens of granted patents in these fields. Mr. Golan has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 2002, in scientific as well as management positions. He is arguably quoted as the world’s
most prolific discoverer of designer psychedelics.

Our diverse holdings range from innovative psychedelics, through chemical substances, fungi to design. Click here to see our patent portfolio.

Our Team
Yael Stav, Project Manager
Phone: 778-984-3779
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